Vibrant, bittersweet, fruity

The first menu from Matt Morgan and Jonny Moncur, who joined Finders Keepers from Speak In Code, features this take on the sparkling modern classic Sbagliato. Made with damson and gooseberry, Lambrusco adds acidity and tannins to elevate the cocktail.

Bar: Finders Keepers, Manchester

Menu: Autumn / Winter 2023

Recipe: Matt Morgan and Jonny Moncur


30ml Cocchi Torino 

 15ml Sipello

 15ml Grand Marnier

(All combined and infused with damson)

10ml 1:1 sugar syrup

75ml Lambrusco 


Pour all of the infused booze over a long ice block in a Collins glass. Add the sugar syrup and top with the Lambrusco and quick stir to combine.

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