Spicy, citrusy, smoke

The result of 30 different trial variations, the Spiced Melon Margarita is Atelier Coupette's best seller. Light, with hints of spices and smoke and a kick of chilli, the melon binds the mezcal and tequila well with ancho, while citrus notes of kumquat elevate the whole drink.

Bar: Atelier Coupette, London

Recipe: Andrei Marcu


14ml Volcan De Mi Terra

2ml neutral grain spirit

3ml Fair Triple Sec

3ml Melonade

3ml Ancho Chilli

5ml Floc De Gascone

5ml L+I+M+E

4ml lime juice

2ml Sugar Syrup 60:40

3 dashes chilli tincture

Half a dashe Pectinex Ultra SPL

18g Sun Sweet melon


Batch all the liquid ingredients and blend them in a thermomix with melon. Add pectinex and let sit for 30 mins. Spin in a centrifuge to clarify and coffee filter. Add some extra mezcal and Melonade for a kick. Bottle. And then pour 50ml over ice. Stir and pour in a coupette glass with a smoked maldon salt rim.

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