Agency Drinks One has launched an e-commerce arm aimed at providing a platform for smaller scale, “innovative” drinks brands to sell directly to consumers and trade.

The new platform is billed as a one-stop-shop for brands' route to market, including distriution, design, sales and marketing, with Drinks One cutting out the middlemen, and in doing so offering savings.

Drinks One’s inaugural showcase event took place at London Cocktail Week, while future London events are planned for April and October 2024, with a Manchester showcase scheduled for June 2024.

Drinks One directors Nick Worthington, Mike Beavan, David Proctor and James Shelbourne said: “Drinks One is looking to disrupt the drinks industry distribution status quo by modernising traditional processes, empowering everyone from producer to bartenders to consumer in the process.

“Our founding team was brought together by a mutual understanding that the industry needed an upgrade to meet modern demands. The four of us have over 80+ years of combined experience spanning all aspects of the drinks industry, from importation, distribution, retail, on-trade, wholesale, e-commerce, production to technical expertise.

"By streamlining distribution channels with efficient tech-based solutions, we essentially establish a solution where everyone wins, and we get to introduce some of most exciting and innovative new brands to the world.”