Harnessing the power of fermentation to influence flavour, The Borders Distillery (TBD) has unveiled the second release in its experimental Workshop Series line, a limited-edition blend that plays with time. 

The Long & Short of It (40%ABV) has been made using liquid fermented for 55 hours and 150 hours, each batch then distilled twice and matured in first fill ex-bourbon barrels before being married with single grain. 

Entirely distilled in the Scottish Borders, this limited-edition bottling will see only 8,400 bottles released for sale worldwide, with every bottle individually numbered. 

“Fermentation is an essential part of determining flavour in Scotch Whisky and, in The Long & Short of It, we have experimented with very short and very long fermentation times to create a blend of flavours that work really well together; the fresh complimenting the sweet,” said TBD director, John Fordyce.

To support the launch, TBD has produced its first promotional video, which carries through the theme of embracing the long or short in everyday life. This campaign actively seeks to evoke a notion of enjoying your whisky, your way – be that long or short.  Watch it here.

The Long & Short of It follows the autumn 2022 release of the distiller’s first blend under the Workshop Series: Borders Malt & Rye. While TBD’s single malt matures, Workshop Series presents an opportunity for the distilling team to get creative.

“While we wait patiently for the first single malt from the Scottish Borders in nearly 200 years to be deemed ready for bottling by our tasting panel,” said Fordyce. “The Workshop Series gives our distilling team the chance to channel their imagination, energy and talents into making whiskies that really express our personality. It’s an exciting evolutionary journey that everyone can be part of.”

WS:02 The Long & Short of It retails for £40 and is available to buy online at www.thebordersdistillery.com