Cymatics is the study of making sound visible

Hacha, the London agaveria and two-time winner of the UK Specialist Bar of the Year at the Class Bar Awards, has announced the launch of a new menu, the bar’s first since opening its Dalston venue in 2019.

Cymatics is made up of 12 cocktails each dedicated to a different artist, the name refers to the concept of using a substance other than air to transmit sound and visualise waves, here the musical frequencies have been used to interact with the liquids and inform the ingredients.

“When creating the menu we wanted to make something memorable and make waves in the mixology scene,” explained Deano Moncrieffe, co-founder of Hacha.

“When exploring if there was an alternative way to create cocktails we discovered cymatics and instantly knew we wanted to experiment and see where this method would take us.  At Hacha, music is a key part of our ethos, especially in our Brixton venue, which is home to so many amazing artists.

“This new menu is so special to us and we can’t wait to showcase three of the things we love the most - cocktails, music and agave spirits.”

Paying homage to Brixton, Electric Avenue is made using tequila or mezcal, spiced orange liqueur, Hacha lemon sour mix, blue pea flower and coconut water, and mixed by the iconic Eddie Grant track.

Red Alert uses mezcal, red cabbage, hibiscus, yuzu, Empirical Symphony 6 and grapefruit soda and mixed by the Basement Jaxx song.

Other cocktails have been inspired by songs by Kendrick Lamar, Nina Simone, Little Simz, Kae Tempest, Stormzy, and David Bowie among others.

The menu design has been created by Hacha co-founder Emma Murphy and Dan Allot of Social Imbibe inspired by the user interface of music streaming platforms.