How to make The Absent Ear's Pond Stretchers

Enchanting, wistful, vini-great

A short, sharp trip to an enchanted fairy garden inspired by the works of E.S Hardy, illustrator of A Council Of Gnomes (1907). The drink itself is a twist on a classic Gimlet, finding alternative routes to acidity through rice mirin and verjus from Canadian ice wine grapes.

Bar: The Absent Ear, Glasgow

Recipe: Liam Grogan


30ml Porter's Orchard Gin

12.5ml Port Of Leith Manzanilla Sherry

17.5ml pear mirin

5ml camomile pickle

15ml Minus 8 Brix White Verjus

5ml 2:1 Pandan Syrup

5 drops Miso/MSG solution



Add all contents to a mixing tin or glass, stir contents down until drink is chilled, strain into small ceramic ramekin.

Garnish with Nasturtium Leaf and droplets of Nasturtium Oil.

For Pear Mirin: Finely slice three Conference pears and three Nacho pears, leave in 2 litres of 14% alc rice mirin and infuse at refrigerated temperature for three days. Finely strain and keep for another three weeks at same temperature.

For camomile pickle: Add 30g loose dried Camomile buds in 500ml white balsamic vinegar. Allow to pickle for two weeks at room temperature, then finely strain, refrigerate and keep for further four weeks.

For 2:1 Pandan Syrup: Add 30g whole pandan leaves to 2kg sugar, 1kg water and 3g kosher salt. Slow cook at a low heat for 12 hrs, stirring contents every few hours to allow sugar to dissolve. Bring to room temperature, finely strain, refrigerate and keep for five days.

For miso/MSG solution: Add 5g white miso, 5g red miso and 3g MSG to 50g boiling water and blitz with stick blender. Strain through a coffee filter, refrigerate & keep for five days.


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