How to make Park Hill's Pearl Martini

Rich, textured, complex

Served with Tanqueray 10, washed with ‘British Coconut Cream’ and coastal vermouth from Vault Vermouth, this is The Pearl at Park Hill's take on a wet Martini. The ‘British coconut cream’ is a full fat double cream from a local dairy in Sheffield, which is infused with fig leaves, which gives the drink a prominent rich, textured coconut aroma. The drink is garnished with a fig leaf compressed in olive brine.

Bar: Pearl at Park Hill, Sheffield

Recipe: Jack Wakelin & Joshua Holmes

Menu: A day in the life of the friendly ghoul of Park Hill

Ingredients (750ml batch)

460ml infused Tanqueray gin

125ml Vault Coastal vermouth

50ml fig leaf 2:1 syrup

115ml water

7 dashes of salt solution 5:1

Garnish: compressed fig leaf in olive brine

Serve from freezer (kept at -14)



First up to make the ‘British coconut cream’ by bringing 100ml of cream to the boil, then take off the heat. Infuse with 100g of freshly picked fig leaves. Cover and leave to cool. Next up add the Tanqueray 10 and the 100ml cream to 750ml gin. Leave to infuse for 24 hours and then freeze. Once split, strain through a coffee filter. To make the fig leaf syrup make a simple 2:1 sugar to water syrup. Once the sugar has dissolved, add the same weight of fig leaves to syrup and leave to cool and infuse. Strain before seasoning to taste. Then simply batch your drink to the recipe above.


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