How to make The Alchemist's Pea-Cante

Spicy, serious, agave

A classic picante cocktail with the depth of flavour and the spice turned up to 11. 

Bar: The Alchemist, London

Menu: The Alchemist

Recipe: Ell Oxley


22.5ml Pod pea vodka 

22.5ml Lime juice

22.5ml 'Nuclear Mezcal'

15ml Agave syrup

2 dashes Tabasco


Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled rocks glass over fresh cubes of ice.

Nuclear Mezcal Method:

Finely chop red chillies, and a bushel of coriander and add them to a isi foam canister. On top of this add your Mezcal Verde add the lid and shake to cover. Charge the canister with a N2O charger to force the particles to interact and the flavours to penetrate the mezcal. Leave to stand for two minutes, and strain off.


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