The Kickology team

The Blend, Beam Suntory’s global trade engagement platform, has collaborated with renowned industry figure Remy Savage and 2019 World Champion Kickboxer, Arnold Oborotov, to launch an innovative and unique 12-week training programme tailored specifically for the global hospitality community. 

Kickology, launching initially in London, offers participants a transformative kickboxing experience, aiming at enhancing physical condition, while promoting a thriving work-life balance - allowing participants to connect with their community outside the bar.

For those working in the hospitality industry, maintaining a balanced lifestyle can be challenging. Kickology uses the principles and techniques of kickboxing to address this, providing an opportunity for industry professionals to find clarity in their weekly routines, while connecting with like-minded individuals.

Meimi Sanchez, senior brand advocacy manager of The Blend Global, emphasised the significance of striking a balance in the hospitality industry, "Kickboxing brings me some ‘me’ time, helping to release the pressure and allowing me to refocus - introducing clarity to my routine alongside a supportive community,” said Sanchez.

“Kickology has been developed to help bring this to the unique needs of the hospitality industry; helping them strike a balance between a demanding job and building a community outside of work.”

The free 12-week programme kicked off in July and took place every Monday, Tuesday at Bloodline Gym in Clapton, London. Designed to accommodate all skill levels, participants attended as frequently as they liked to suit their schedules. In addition to the in-person training sessions, participants received guidance from experts in setting physical, mental, and dietary goals tailored to their individual ambitions.

World Champion Kickboxer Arnold Oborotov has been leading the programme, with the support of the esteemed team at Bloodline Gym, including Nadine Scott, Yusuf Ali-Taleb, Phil Casper, David Pacquette, and Matt Lovell.

“The similarities between the daily lives of athletes and individuals working in hospitality are more closely aligned than one might think,” said Oborotov, explaining the vision behind the programme.

“It's not just athletes who face injuries in their craft. With the support of our team at Bloodline Gym, we aim to harness the sport we love to assist participants in finding a new outlet for their expertly harnessed energy behind the bar and achieving a more balanced lifestyle."

Renowned industry icon and owner of The Bar with Shapes for a Name Remy Savage has assisted in developing the programme. He acknowledges the lack of support for hospitality professionals when it comes to establishing healthy boundaries between work and personal life.

“Our passion for our work and the nature of our environment often demands high energy, but we should always try to find some balance in our lives,” said Savage.

“Kickology helps us to strike that balance by teaching invigorating kickboxing-inspired routines that enhance our flow state during shifts and help us to unwind after work.”

Now that the 12 week programme has come to and end, it’s time for all participants and supporters in the industry to see some of that (friendly) combat skill and new-found fitness in action at the Kickology final event which takes place on Wednesday 27th September, in Hackney Wick. Expect amateur and professional kickboxing fights, DJ, entertainment, cocktails and good vibes.

The Kickology final event fight will see industry characters Rémy Savage, Josh Black, Desiree de Almeida and Louana Carron tapping gloves, along with pro fighters Nadine Scott and Joana Paris who will fight for a WKO British Title.

Hospitality professionals eager to show their support can purchase a ticket for the event this Wednesday HEREFor those interested in joining the Kickology programme for 2024 should sign up to The Blend HERE for future news and early registration.