ITALICUS, Rosolio di Bergamotto Aperitivo, has annouced a collaboration with Pininfarina, an iconic symbol of Italian automotive design and architecture. 

The two brands, both innovative and deeply connected to Italian style, have united on a new creative project to commemorate the anniversary of ITALICUS's launch back on the 1st September 2016.

Pininfarina was inspired by the design and shape of the ITALICUS bottle, that represents Italian architecture, crafting a glorifier that accentuates its elegance whilst celebrating world-famous Italian art and style. The lines and proportions of the ITALICUS bottle design led to the creation of: ARCO ITALICUS.

The arch (“ARCO” in Italian), is an architectural statement, a symbol of the connection between the past and present, the classic and modern, in addition to representing Italy's iconic art monuments including the “Colosseo” in Rome and the “Ponte di Rialto” in Venice. The arch forms the packaging structure, enhanced by a beam of light reflected on the bottle, accentuating the uniqueness of its shape and conveying a sense of purity. The outer finish, which is crafted from recycled materials, and the brass-coloured elements evoke its elegance, while the base depicts the shape of  Bergamotto, ITALICUS's signature ingredient.

Framed within a triumphal arch (Arco di Trionfo), ITALICUS's elegance materializes into an impactful statement. "We were seeking a partner who shares the true values of Italian style and taste, which ITALICUS embodies, and who shares our brand values: uniqueness, elegance, and creativity," says Giuseppe Gallo, founder and CEO of ITALICUS.

"Pininfarina is a global icon of Italian style that embodies elegance, purity, and innovation – a characteristic that has always fascinated me. Therefore, choosing this brand as our project partner was a streamlined decision."

 The new packaging elevates the ITALICUS bottle, made from tempered aquamarine-toned glass with golden accents on the label, a strong homage to Italian art and history, starting from ancient Rome, showcased in the handcrafted cap.

 Conceived to revive the category of Rosolio Aperitivo, inspired by an ancient recipe, ITALICUS is crafted with natural spices, cold-infused with Bergamotto from Reggio Calabria and Sicilian Cedro, blended with Italian neutral spirit. To celebrate its anniversary (the 7th this year), ITALICUS has consistently orchestrated exclusive initiatives, including the "Art of ITALICUS Creative Talent," an Italian art contest dedicated to art and the aperitivo. In addition to  the publication of the book "ART of ITALICUS", a celebration of the first five years of the brand and insights into the history of the aperitivo, including over 50 bartender recipes and a collection of exclusive artworks.

 "In designing the anniversary packaging for ITALICUS, which elevates the bottle's iconic design, we drew inspiration from the concepts of purity and Italian architecture, enhancing its elegant character. The new packaging reflects the distinctive values of Italian style, which define and simultaneously enhance the ITALICUS bottle, making it unique," concludes Nicola Girotti, Head of Product Design at PININFARINA.

The ARCO ITALICUS is a limited edition release, scheduled for early 2024. For updates on the launch of the ARCO ITALICUS please register to the mailing list.