How to make Miso's Live, laugh, marmite

Umami, velvet, rich

The classic Espresso Martini elevated with an umami bitterness. Savoury, and salty with a foraged truffle note. 


Menu: Three Little Words

Recipe: Roy Varty


40ml Marmite infused Haku vodka

25ml Mr Blacks coffee liqueur

25ml Solo cold brew espresso

25ml house miso syrup

2 dashes Fee Brothers black walnut bitters

Garnish: matcha powder, cacao powder, coffee beans


Add first five ingredients to shaker filled with ice. Shake hard for 15 seconds. Fine strain into coupe. Garnish with single sweeping line of matcha/cacao nib blend and then add two individual coffee beans to the right of the matcha blend.

Marmite infused Haku vodka:

Add 1/3 bar spoon to a 700ml Haku vodka. Stir until incorporated into spirit. Bottle and set aside for service

Matcha/cacao blend:

2 tbl spoons matcha powder

1 tbl spoon cacao powder

Mix both ingredients together and store in a shaker with the lid on.

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