How to make The Distillery's Oasis of Eden

Refreshing, citrusy, fruity

The Distillery Bankside’s Oasis of Eden cocktail is inspired by our ‘mother planet’ Earth with the colour green representing life and nature on the planet. The star ingredient of Oasis of Eden is Midori, which is combined with apple juice, limoncello and green Chartreuse giving this fruity cocktail a twist of herbaceous tones and bitter notes. Perfect for summer.

Bar: The Distillery Bankside

Menu: Summer Cocktails

Recipe: Anne Wiedmer


20ml Absolut Citron

20ml limoncello

20ml Midori

25ml apple juice

20ml lime juice

5ml Green Chartreuse

Top up with lemonade

Garnish with mint spring with red apple peel over ice cubes

Glass: gin goblet

Method: Add all the ingredients apart from the lemonade to a shaker with ice and shake. Strain the mixture over ice, top up with a dash of lemonade and garnish with a mint spring and slice of red apple peel.

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