Spiribam-UK has introduced an over-proof edition of its Saint Lucian rum brand, Bounty, to the UK.

Bounty Strong 151, which is bottled at 65% ABV and priced at approximately £42 RRP, is aged in used casks from which the tannins have been depleted and the wood flavours are subdued.

The resulting liquid is said to have a natural straw colour, with gentle oaky notes allowing the character of the Saint Lucia Distillers spirit to shine through.

Bounty is the sister brand to Chairman’s Reserve and Admiral Rodney rums and a favourite among Saint Lucians, where the spirit is commonly used as the base for local spiced rums.

With a blend of fresh column still rum (93.5%) that is proofed down with cask strength (65%) 3-year-old aged column still rum, the tasting notes include “toasted marshmallow, warm vanilla bean and prune pie, with secondary notes of dry and savoury yellow fruit, saffron, fresh cinnamon bark and burnt citrus”.

Spiribam-UK has worked alongside UK rum bar Milk in Reading for the launch, with owner Connie Cain developing the perfect serve for Bounty Strong 151, Bon Lonwit.

Bon Lonwit by Connie Cain

35ml Bounty Strong 151

15ml orange curacao

12.5ml ginger syrup

25ml fresh lime juice

2 dash Angostura AromaticBbitters

1 dash peach bitters

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain over cubed ice in a large rocks glass. Garnish with a mint sprig and orange slice.