How to make Ophelia's EVOO Martini

Smooth, elegant, strong

This Martini, from Ophelia in Gosforth, is elevated by washing with Casino di Caprafico Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Abruzzo in Italy. It is then pre-diluted and served straight from the freezer.


Menu: Ophelia

Recipe: Angus Mason


Martini batch

90ml Olive Oil Martini

600ml Hepple Gin

100ml Noilly Prat

25ml Suze

130.5ml Filtered Water

150ml Casino di Caprafico Olive Oil

MethodBatch the ingredients in a wide based container and completely cover the surface with olive oil. Leave at room temperature for 8-12 hours stirring occasionally then place in the freezer. Once the oil has frozen remove and discard then bottle the martini. To serve, pour 90ml into your favourite cocktail glass, express lemon oils over the top and dot some of the olive oil on.

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