Photo: Amanda Wan Winchester

Citrus, layered, unique

A conceptual fusion of the 'Three-rum Daiquiri' and the 'Infinity Bottle', Angus Winchester's Infinite Daiquiri sees a continuously refreshed rum blend form the basis of this classic sour.

First, make a 5-litre blend of your favourite Daiquiri rums. When a customer orders the drink, they then choose any rum (50cl) from a prescribed list, which is added to the infinite rum blend. 50ml is then removed from the blend and combined with hand-pressed lime juice and sugar to create a one-of-a-kind Daiquiri.

Winchester told Class: "Tiki legend Donn Beach famously said that 'what one rum can't give you, three rums can,' so just imagine what an infinite mix of rums can do."


: The Dark Horse, Bath

Recipe: Angus Winchester


50cl rum from your infinite rum blend*

Hand-pressed lime juice


*At time of publishing, The Dark Horse's Infinite Daiquiri rum blend comprised double measures of the following: 

El Dorado 15 (x29), Plantation XO (x21), Eminente Reserva (x19), Wray & Nephew (x15), Havana Club 7 YO (x15), Appleton Estate 12 YO (x12), Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva (x11), Trois Rivieres Blanc (x9), Gardel 10 YO (x9), Pusser's (x8), Nusa Caña Godfather (x9), Hampden Estate 8 YO (x9), Fair Belize rum (x8), Goslings Black Seal (x6), Veritas (x5), Havana Club 3 YO (x5), Pampero 1992 (x5), Zafra 21 YO (x5), Appleton Signature (x5), Plantation 3 Star (x3), Brugal 1888 (x2), English Harbour 5 YO (x2), Rum of the World: Panama 17 YO (x1), Pampero Aniversario (x1). 

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