Altamura Distilleries has announced the UK arrival of its flagship vodka, a product believed to be the first wholly made from Italy’s protected Altamura durum wheat.

The ancient wheat from Puglia has been used to make Altamura bread, which is protected by Denominazione di Origine Protetta (DOP), for millennia.

Altamura vodka (43% abv / 70cl), which is said to offer a smooth but intense profile - reminiscent of Altamura bread - is now available through Drinks One in the UK.

Frank Grillo, founder of Altamura Distilleries, said: "Strong but elegant, intense but smooth, this vodka represents a new and undiscovered tasting experience. We are sure you will love it."

The bottle design draws on the heritage and culture of Puglia, with the label’s lion a nod to the statues that adorn the Altamura cathedral and the region’s colours - yellow, blue-green, and red—symbolising the elements of the sun, sea, and earth.