Tropical, tarte, citric

This tropical take on the Paloma from Kiki Lounge in Douglas on the Isle of Man combines mezcal with a banana skin cordial, apricot, chilli and citrus. Each Art & Reality is served in a ceramic mug that has been handpainted by one of the team.

Bar: Kiki Lounge

Menu: Menu Zine: Issue 01

Recipe: Freddy Whittle


22.5ml Mezcal Verde

15ml Ancho Reyes

12.5ml Joseph Cartron Apricot Brandy

30ml Pink Grapefruit Juice

25ml Banana Skin Cordial (equal parts chopped banana skin and caster sugar, macerate and shake vigorously, leave for 24 hours, strain and bottle)

15ml Lime

MethodCombine all ingredients in shaker and whip shake with crushed ice. Serve over crushed ice in ceramic mug. Garnish with flowers of the season.

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