Laki Kane's Mr Vice

Rich, viscous, tropical

This guilt-free take on a Miami Vice is a highlight of Lake Kane's 2023 Tropical Speakeasy concept. Mr Vice is transparent pink, rum forward, with pineapple, coconut and strawberry and the rich texture of its inspiration cocktail.

Bar: Laki Kane

Menu: Tropical Speakeasy

Recipe: Georgi Radev


30ml Plantation Stiggins Pineapple

20ml Bacardi Coconut

12.5ml Re’al Strawberry

5ml Re’Al Coconut

15 fresh pineapple

40ml coconut milk

Oolong milk tea and citric acid

Method: Cook all the ingredients together and let it chill down. Clarify through coffee filter and keep refrigerated. Stir down and strain over pineapple stamped and coconut butter coated ice block. Garnish with four strawberry jam dots.