Tart, sweet, woody

Bizarre Love Triangle is a luscious and tropical take on a Manhattan, just in time for summer. It’s a simple, three ingredient cocktail, with each component working harmoniously together. Irish whiskey is mixed with a nigori umeshu, providing complex flavours of tart yellow plum and almond, which is balanced by a sweetened honeybush tea, chosen for its exotic woody notes.

Bar: The Sun Tavern

Menu: 2023

Recipe: Dan Ghazal


45ml Irish whiskey

20ml Asahara Shuzo Nigori umeshu

10ml honeybush syrup (600ml boiling water, 600g caster sugar, 10g honeybush tea)

Apple blossom to garnish

MethodAdd Irish whiskey, Asahara Shuzo Nigori umeshu and honeybush syrup to a cocktail shaker with a healthy serving of ice. Stir and strain into a chilled Nick & Nora glass, garnish with apple blossom.

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