Discarded Spirits Co. are once again seeking The World’s Most Rubbish Bartender as they launch their signature cocktail competition for 2023, encouraging bartenders across Europe to reverse needless waste.

Returning for a second year, Discarded will ask bartenders from Finland, Norway, Denmark, and the UK, to demonstrate their zero-waste creativity at local heats, ahead of the Grand Final, taking place from the 28th-30th of August in London.

Entrants will not just be competing to take home the crown of The World’s Most Rubbish Bartender, but the victor will be taken to New Orleans for Tales Of The Cocktail 2024, to help Discarded champion our mission to reverse needless waste to a global bartender audience.

Discarded create award-winning spirits from ingredients that would otherwise have gone to waste, making waste taste beautiful with Grape Skin Vodka, Banana Peel Rum, and Sweet Cascara Vermouth.

Bartenders will be similarly challenged to change their perception of waste, being asked to create a drink championing an element that would have otherwise been destined to be thrown away. This can be from their own home, bar, or ‘urban foraged’ from local venues.

It is estimated by WRAP that food waste costs the average UK hospitality venue £20,000 annually, amounting to 2 million tonnes tossed annually. Discarded are at the forefront of challenging this by helping to do good for bars and the planet.

UK entries are open now and will close on the 28th of June, with two regional heats taking place on the 4th and 5th of July and the global finals taking place in London on the 28th-30th of August.

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