Hacha, recently named the UK’s Best Specialist Bar at the Class Bar Awards, has partnered with aperitivo brand Vault to launch a limited-edition white vermouth designed for agave spirits.

Hacha x Vault Vermouth has been created with English bacchus wine with ginger, white pepper thyme, cacao, pine, lime and, sweetened with agave.

The vermouth will be on show in both Hacha bars in a new Aperitivo de Agave menu available from June to September.

The menu includes Mexican twists on aperitivo classics such as Hibiscus American, Rociar Classico, and Negroni Blanco, all priced at £8, as well as a two sip Martini, Dos Sorbos, for £4.50, all available with either tequila or mezcal.

“The flavours and botanicals were chosen to go with the vegetal notes of agave and with a spiciness that goes well with tequila and mezcal,” group bars manager Robyn Evans told CLASS.

“The process to create this vermouth began a year ago, with [Vault directors] Max [Chater] and Dan [Joines], it’s been amazing to work with them.”

Hacha x Vault Vermouth is available for purchase through the Vault website and in both Hacha bars for £29.